Twitter 2 Telegram Setup Guide

Follow these simple steps to set up and use the Twitter2Telegram Bot in Telegram to follow your favorite Twitter accounts and see who they're following:

1. Connecting Twitter, Telegram & Our Bot

1.1 Open a conversation with the bot

To begin, either search for "@TwttrToTG_Bot" in Telegram or click on the following link:

1.2 Start the Bot

Press the "Start" button followed by the "Integrate" button to initiate the process.

1.3 Connect To Twitter

Choose the "Connect Twitter" option. This will open a link that takes you to Twitter.

1.4 Authorize the app

Click "Authorize App" and log in to your Twitter account if you haven't already. After successfully connecting, you will receive a notification.
If you followed all the above steps, you are ready to start following your favorite Twitter profiles!

2. Using the app

2.1 Adding a Follow

Click on the "Show Main Menu" button or type /menu in the Bot window to navigate the bot's features.
Select the "Manage Follows" option to see the accounts you're following and manage them.
Click on "Follow Account" to start adding your favorite Twitter accounts and see which accounts they are following.
Enter the Twitter handle of the Account you wish to follow:
Now you're all set to use the Bot in Telegram and stay updated with your favorite Twitter accounts!