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Take your Twitter game to the next level with our customizable bot

Stay in the know with real-time follow notifications

Our bot alerts you when the Twitter profiles you're watching follow a new user.

Customize your notifications with advanced filters

Tailor the bot to your needs with customizable filters that let you highlight and prioritize the notifications that matter most to you.

Get daily summaries of top follows and early accounts

Our bot delivers daily summaries that highlight the most followed and early Twitter accounts, so you never miss a beat.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you access my personal information or perform actions like posting or following on my behalf?

Absolutely not! We establish a secure connection between your Twitter and Telegram accounts, and only request the necessary permissions to monitor specific Twitter profiles. Your personal information remains safe, and we cannot perform any actions on your behalf.

Is this service exclusively available on Telegram?

Yes, our service is designed to work specifically with Telegram, a free and versatile messaging platform. You can download Telegram on your desktop or mobile device, and start receiving notifications right away.

What are the pricing options for this service?

We offer a variety of plans to suit your needs. Our free plan lets you watch up to 5 profiles, while our Junior and Advanced plans come with additional features and increased monitoring capacity.
For detailed information on pricing and features, please visit our pricing page or contact our support team.

How quickly will I receive notifications?

Our system checks for new follows frequently, so you'll receive notifications in near real-time.

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